Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate

If you saw the title of this post, or the label of the chocolate bar pictured here, and thought "that sounds weird," you're not alone. My wife brought this back for me from Seattle after a recent business trip. I like coconut curry, and I like milk chocolate. But would I like the combination? The short answer is "yes."

Theo is a small chocolate company based in Seattle. They emphasize the use of fair trade, organic ingredients, and they have a penchant for creating unusual flavor combinations. What makes this bar work is the wise decision by the folks at Theo to go with a creamy, mild milk chocolate, instead of putting the curry into competition with the strong, complex, bitter flavor of dark chocolate. I will admit to a bit of disappointment that the coconut didn't come through more, but the yellow curry powder played perfectly against the sweet, rich, smooth chocolate. This might not be the chocolate bar you'd seek out if you were having a serious chocolate craving, but it's perfect for a small bite. It also is a fun novelty item, and one that your coworkers won't be mad at you for making them try.

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