Friday, March 18, 2011

Chocolate Velvet

Recently I attended an event at the fancy-shmancy J.W. Marriott in Washington, DC. (That's just how I roll. Or not.) Imagine my delight when, following a delicious plated dinner, I learned that there was a dessert buffet. As you might imagine, leaving a dessert blogger alone with a dessert buffet is a bit like leaving a fox alone in a hen house. I didn't sample every item on the table, but I did try several. One item, labeled "chocolate velvet," I tried three times. They could have been called feathers. They were so light, I thought they might float away. The base was some sort of delicate chocolate cake, very thin, and the rest had the texture of something in between a marshmallow and cotton candy, but with a rich chocolate flavor enhanced by the cocoa powder dusted on the outside. I don't know how they made them, and I regret that I may never have the opportunity to enjoy them again, but I'm grateful I had the opportunity at least once!

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