Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pineapple milkshakes

Sometimes the best foods are not the ones that are the most sophisticated, but the ones that hold nostalgic value. Of course, they still have to taste good. Such is the case with the pineapple milkshake, a concoction I used to get at a hometown sub shop called All American Hero. The pineapple milkshake was pineapple sundae topping blended with vanilla soft serve ice cream and milk. Despite its tendency to clog up the straw, this was always one of my favorite treats: the perfect blend of creaminess, tartness, and sweetness.

Today, I was at Spadafora Slush, a local slush and ice cream stand, and I was craving a pineapple shake. They didn't actually have milkshakes (or frappes, as they'd be called here in metro Boston), but they did have something with "tornado" in the name, which was a choice of sundae topping blended with soft serve. Without the milk, the consistency was more like that of a Dairy Queen Blizzard than of a milkshake, but the taste was similar, and I realized that I still love the flavor, all these years later.

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