Saturday, May 29, 2010

Papa Gino's Cinnamon Sticks

Papa Gino's is a pizza chain here in New England. Its pizza and other food isn't very good, but I occasionally stop in the one in Medford Square because they have Coke Zero in the soda fountain. Yesterday, I was in the mood for something sweet (there's a surprise!), so I ordered some cinnamon sticks. These are similar to the cinnamon sticks sold by other pizza chains: essentially, pizza dough topped with cinnamon and sugar and served with frosting for dipping.

They were pretty good. Sorta like cinnamon toast, but thicker and doughier. The frosting had no flavor, it was just pure sweetness, so I didn't use very much of it. Still, it made a satisfying accompaniment to the otherwise far-too-nutritious chicken Caesar wrap that I was having for lunch (not from Papa Gino's).


Papa Gino said...

Sorry to hear you do not enjoy the rest of our food. Has it been a while since you tried any of our pizzas?

Maxim said...

I had the pizza pretty recently. I find that a whole, fresh-baked pizza is okay for chain pizza, while slices at the restaurant are pretty weak.