Friday, May 25, 2007

Linda's fudge cake @ The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a chain restaurant known for (what else?) its dozens of varieties of cheesecake. Some may not know, however, that their best dessert (imho) is not, in fact, a cheesecake, but rather Linda's Fudge Cake. The enormous slab of chocolate layer cake is dense and moist, with plenty of fudge frosting and chocolate sprinkles (or "jimmies" here in Boston) along the outside. Served with a serious helping of whipped cream, even this dessert fanatic can't usually finish it in one sitting. (Fortunately, it travels well.)

For the person who envies the cake eater but is trying to watch his/her weight, the Goblet of Strawberries is a nice (if a bit pricey) lower-calorie dessert. Lots of giant strawberries in a goblet served with whipped cream for dipping.


Know Where You Eat said...

Have you seen the calories in the food at the cheesecake factory? That Linda's fudge cake has 1410 calories, 21g saturated fat, 969g of sodium, and 227g carbs. That is crazy. Posted are kid's menu nutritional facts at and was blown away. A kids alfredo pasta has 1809 calories, 89g saturated fat, 652g sodium and 69g carbs. worse than the Linda's Fudge Cake.

Maxim said...

Yeah, Cheesecake Factory represents the worst of American excess in terms of calories and portion sizes. It also has tasty food, especially the desserts. When I buy Linda's Fudge Cake, I usually share it or make it last two or three days. Still more than I should be eating, but at least it's not all in one sitting.