Sunday, October 01, 2006

Edwards Turtle Pie

I brought my brownies to a party the other night and, as usual, they were a big hit. Less of a hit, but still delicious (much to my surprise) was a supermarket-bought pie. Edwards Turtle Pie comes frozen and is as simple as thaw and eat. I've always been a sucker for the original chocolate-caramel-pecan Turtles, but I've often found pies and other desserts based upon them to be a bit disappointing. So, when I saw the pre-fab pie coming out of the box, I was pretty skeptical. Boy was I surprised by the intense caramel flavor, the decent chocolate cookie crust, and the overall yumalicious flavor. This would be a great thing to just throw in the freezer and keep there for unexpected company.

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Anonymous said...

Try Little Green House Organic caramel on those brownies of yours next time, and sprinkle some nuts on top. I guarantee you'll put that turtle pie to shame! LGH has the best caramel in the world - it's awesome! We buy it and eat it right out of the jar:)