Monday, January 09, 2006

Homemade cookies

Homemade cookies have the potential to be near the top of the dessert pantheon, but they also can be a small step above Chips Ahoy, depending upon the baker and the recipe. We recently made two great recipes for our New Year's Day party: benne (sesame) wafers from the All-American Cookie Book and chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies from The Best Recipe. The sesame wafers, which are super-thin, crisp bits of sugary-sesame goodness, were easy to make (especially when we realized it was easier to spoon-drop them than to roll them into balls with our hands) and beautiful to look at. The chocolate cookies (we substituted chocolate chunks for chocolate chips) were rich and chewy, and they stayed soft even after a few days of storage. Speaking of the party, I have to give a mention to our neighbor, Tom, who used to own a bakery here in Medford and brought us (for the second consecutive year) fabulous home-baked cinnamon twists that cannot be described other than with a giant YUMMMMMMMMMMM.


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