Monday, November 21, 2005

Oatmeal-chip cookies and butterscotch bars

When we were invited to a party this past weekend, my wife and I were (appropriately enough) asked to bring dessert. We made two recipes: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from The All-American Cookie Book and Dagwoods (butterscotch bars) from a Rosie's Bakery cookbook.Rosie's Bakery cookbook.

The cookies were very good and very popular. Our only complaint was that they ended up slightly harder than we would have liked (they were not really crispy, more like chewy but too stiff).

The butterscotch bars were really tasty, though if you are following the recipe, cut the cooking time by 10-15 minutes (we learned that the first time we made them). We made them without the walnuts, as my wife doesn't like them and the host of the party is allergic. We did think they suffered without something to supplement the otherwise plain batter. I think butterscotch chips would work well, and nutty guy that I am, I think the walnuts would be good, too.

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