Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Chocolate cake at Papa Razzi

Papa Razzi, a Boston-area chain restaurant, is a great choice for a meal, particularly at lunch, when the prices are lower but the food is just as good. After some delicious lobster ravioli, I had a multi-layer chocolate cake. It was not over-the-top syrupy or fudgey like what you would find at a TGIFriday's, but it also wasn't dry and bland like so many chocolate cakes. It was rich, chocolately, and moist (and big!), and it was a great end to the meal.

My wife had the oak-fired fruit with vanilla gelato. It wasn't as good as the chocolate cake (the fruit was a bit syrupy, and she didn't care for warm bananas), though the vanilla gelato was quite good.

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