Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Christina's ice cream

After years of hearing how great the ice cream is at Christina's in Central Square (Cambridge, Mass.), I finally stopped there the other day. I couldn't resist banana cinnamon, and I wasn't disappointed. Creamy and smooth, it was like a particularly good banana ice cream with just enough cinnamon to be noticeable. My wife's pumpkin ice cream was also tasty (even for me, and I'm not a pumpkin fan), with the pumpkin offset by just enough spice.

Suffice it to say, we'll be returning to Christina's.

Candy corn

OK, so perhaps it's not as elegant as a multi-layer chocolate cake or as rich as premium ice cream, but something definitely has to be said for that perennial favorite, candy corn. The hurts-your-teeth honey sweetness and the satisfying chewiness make candy corn one of the leaders of the candy pantheon (also in the pantheon are jelly beans and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups). It's worth noting that the buttercream pumpkins, while also tasty, are not as satisfying as candy corn, despite similar content. Maybe it's the ratio of slightly crunchier outer shell to spongy center, I'm not sure, but they're just not the same.

Chocolate cake at Papa Razzi

Papa Razzi, a Boston-area chain restaurant, is a great choice for a meal, particularly at lunch, when the prices are lower but the food is just as good. After some delicious lobster ravioli, I had a multi-layer chocolate cake. It was not over-the-top syrupy or fudgey like what you would find at a TGIFriday's, but it also wasn't dry and bland like so many chocolate cakes. It was rich, chocolately, and moist (and big!), and it was a great end to the meal.

My wife had the oak-fired fruit with vanilla gelato. It wasn't as good as the chocolate cake (the fruit was a bit syrupy, and she didn't care for warm bananas), though the vanilla gelato was quite good.