Saturday, June 18, 2005

Yummy cake at Anthony's Pier 4

The other day, I was at Anthony's Pier 4, one of Boston's well-known seafood restaurants. I'd never been, so I was excited to be going to a professional meeting there. The food overall was very good (especially for meeting food), but the dessert was truly exceptional. It was some sort of cheesecake type thing with a graham-cracker crust, delicious strawberry-cheesecake filling with an ice cream consistency, and some sort of mereingue or frozen whipped cream on top. This was not a good thing for my diet. It was huge (I ate less than half), but it was worth eating a tiny dinner in exchange for such a yummy lunchtime dessert.

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Anonymous said...

Anthony was related (by marriage) to me, on the Albanian side of my family. He was my father's brother's wife's first cousin.

I've been to Anthony's quite a few times over the years, but far and away the most memorable was my cousin Cindy's wedding, back in 1972. The reception was held aboard the Peter Stuyvesant, a boat permanently moored next to the restaurant until it sank in the Blizzard of 1978. The highlight of the entire day for me was when the waiters brought out the dessert and set it aflame -- we had Baked Alaska -- I can still remember being thrilled to be eating an ice cream dessert that had just been on fire before my eyes.