Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dancing Deer sugar cane lime cookies

I think Dancing Deer Baking Company is a terrific company. They're a great example of how a business can be successful while choosing to be socially responsible and generally having priorities other than maximizing profits. I have to say, though, that I'm often disappointed by their desserts. Today, for example, I had their sugar cane lime cookies. Now, cookies are one of my favorite categories of dessert, and I love anything with lime. But, like all Dancing Deer cookies I've had, these were sort of dry, with a texture that tries but fails to find a happy medium between crunchy and chewy.

To be fair to the company, there are many desserts of theirs that I haven't tried. The lime ricotta pound cake might be fabulous. But so far, their desserts haven't won me over the way their philosophy has.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Yummy cake at Anthony's Pier 4

The other day, I was at Anthony's Pier 4, one of Boston's well-known seafood restaurants. I'd never been, so I was excited to be going to a professional meeting there. The food overall was very good (especially for meeting food), but the dessert was truly exceptional. It was some sort of cheesecake type thing with a graham-cracker crust, delicious strawberry-cheesecake filling with an ice cream consistency, and some sort of mereingue or frozen whipped cream on top. This was not a good thing for my diet. It was huge (I ate less than half), but it was worth eating a tiny dinner in exchange for such a yummy lunchtime dessert.