Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ming Tsai's Jasmine Caramel Sauce

After watching an episode of Simply Ming, the PBS cooking show by local chef Ming Tsai, I decided to try making his delicious-looking Jasmine Caramel Sauce. The sauce itself came out great. It was nice and creamy, very rich, and the taste of the jasmine tea really came through. Unfortunately, my attempt to use the sauce to make Toasted Sesame Nougat Bark was not as successful. I think I didn't reduce the caramel sauce enough, so the resulting product was the consistency of honey, not bark. It tasted delicious, though, licked off a finger. :)

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Anonymous said...

Wahhh! I didn't get to try the sesame bark at your party (hell I didn't make it to the sweets table--I was content with the glazed nuts and the monitor-your-own-alcoholism cranberry punch).

The recipe looks delightful, though.