Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ricotta Pie at Arthur's Pastry Shop

Here in Medford, Massachusetts, there is a large population of Italian-Americans. It should therefore be no surprise that Italian bakeries are easy to come by. One such place is Arthur's Pastry Shop. The ricotta pie, made fresh by Arthur himself, is so good that it's almost hard to describe. It has a slightly fruity or maybe almondy taste, plus the rich, creamy sweet ricotta taste that is usually found within cannolis. Like New York cheesecake, it's hard to eat a large amount at one sitting, as it's very rich. Bring it to a party, though, as I did the other day, and it makes a big hit. And, more importantly, you get to have just as much as you want without having leftovers calling to you from the refrigerator.

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